Pubdate: Sun, 15 Jan 2017
Source: Philippine Star (Philippines)
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Author: Alexis Romero


MANILA, Philippines - After confronting mayors with alleged ties to the
narcotics trade, President Rodrigo Duterte wants to meet with governors to
discuss the drug problem as he stressed that he would not back down on his
campaign even if it costs him his position.

"I'd be calling the governors next week. I'd really tell them. You tell
your barangay captains, you have supervisory powers cities under you,
those that are not yet charter cities, you tell the mayors," the president
told businessmen in Davao City Saturday night.

"But I would like to tell you, I can't lecture all of you. Do not be
complacent with me, sons of b. I will really kill you. Believe me. I will
find you an ambush or I'll poison you," he added in a mix of Filipino,
English and the local dialect.

Last week, Duterte warned mayors involved in the illegal drugs trade that
they would be killed if they do not resign. He said he would continue to
protect the nation from illegal drugs even if he goes down in history as a

The president reportedly threatened and badmouthed mayors linked to
corruption and narcotics during their meeting at Malacanan last Wednesday.

Duterte confirmed that he cursed at local executives implicated in the
drug trade.

"Baka akala ninyo nagbobolahan tayo dito. (Maybe you think I am not
serious). I called the mayors in the Philippines, locked them down," the
president said.

"Sinabi ko talaga sa kanila, totoo iyon (I really told them, it's true)
and I said, pardon my language... P i ninyo (sons of b)!" he added.

"What hurts me is I am thinking that you'll protect the people."

In his previous speeches, Duterte said about 2,000 barangay captains,
municipal mayors, a few governors and congressmen and some judges were
included in the list of officials with alleged connections to drug

Duterte has so far revealed the names of about 160 incumbent and former
government officials believed to be involved in illegal drugs. He has
given the House of Representatives, Senate and the Supreme Court copies of
the thick drug list, admitting that he cannot put an end to the problem by
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