Pubdate: Tue, 03 Jan 2017
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2017 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Tom Isherwood
Page: A9


Dear Editor: I definitely have trouble wrapping my head around the idea 
of spending money to provide a safe monitored space for fentanyl and 
other drug users, giving them a second chance to inject another death wish.

Our friends are grandparents to a beautiful three-year-old
granddaughter, Emma who was born like so many children to a life of
suffering and pain with no future antidote in sight. She lived with a
loving mother and father just a few miles north of Penticton. Emma was
buried on Dec. 29, 2016. This beautiful tiny tot had no chance at a
long life on earth but as she enters heaven, I pray that God has a
special place saved for her - a place where she can play and be happy
and pain free with those many other babies that went to heaven before

Millions of dollars are spent on research and treatment for cancer and
all other diseases that plagues [sic] mankind.

I suggest putting in an event [sic] greater effort to save the lives of
innocent children and others who through no fault of their own are
left with no second chance unlike illicit drug users who gamble with
their lives all for the sake of an outer space high.

In my opinion the more sites for overdose prevention is like giving a
fox or raccoon a second chance at slaughter in the chicken coop.

Happy New Year to all those who live drug free.

Tom Isherwood

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