Pubdate: Wed, 28 Dec 2016
Source: Bangkok Post (Thailand)
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Narcotics suppression police question Francis Mukwamba, a Zambian passport
holder whose real nationality is uncertain, at a hotel room in Sukhumvit
area of Bangkok on Dec 26. (Photo taken from the Narcotics Suppression
Bureau Facebook page)

Two foreign nationals were arrested after 4kg of cocaine were found in
their bags when they arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport from Africa and a
third, their alleged contact, was later apprehended at a city hotel.

Pol Maj Gen Sommai Kongwisaisuk, acting commissioner of the Narcotics
Suppression Bureau, said Johnny Halop Sajulga, a Filipino, and a
Vietnamese woman, Chao Thi Thuong, 37, arrived from Ethiopia on Flight ET
628 on Dec 26.

Police thought they were acting suspiciously and asked that their baggage
be examined. The search found a total of 4kg of cocaine in the two bags.

The Vietnamese woman allegedly admitted the drugs in her bag belonged to
her, but gave no further further details, said Pol Maj Gen Sommai.

The Filipino man confessed to have been hired to smuggle the drugs into
Thailand. The cocaine was to be delivered to a man at a hotel in the
Sukhumvit area of Bangkok.

Mr Sajulga was instructed to make the delivery as planned, and kept under
close watch. At the hotel the third suspect, Francis Mukwamba, a Zambian
passport holder whose real nationality was being investigated, was caught
when he showed up to collect the drugs.

Authorities searched his room and found 85gms of crystal methamphetamine
and 1,640 ecstasy pills.

The trio were being held in custody at the NSB's division 3 for legal action.
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