Pubdate: Mon, 26 Dec 2016
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A California company is selling a MARIJUANA monthly subscription box
packed with curated cannabis products

* San Diego-based Club M requires a California medical marijuana license
to join and delivers boxes each month for $97

* The packages include marijuana, edibles, vapes, and other 'gear' for using

* Each box is worth about $200 and can be purchased without a
subscription, except for the new limited-edition boxes for $1,000 each

There seems to be a subscription box service for everything these days,
from cosmetics to snacks to alcohol -- so really, it was only a matter of
time for the medical marijuana community got in on the monthly shipment

A California company called Club M bills itself as a 'luxury' brand, and
ships monthly boxes of cannabis products to those in the state with a
medical marijuana prescription.

For $97 a month, customers get a specially-curated box of ganja goodies,
including concentrates, vapes, edibles, flowers, and 'gear'.

Smokers' lounge: A San Diego-based company is selling marijuana
subscription boxes

Special delivery! Club M charges $97 a month to deliver marijuana products
to Californians' doors

Stocking up: The boxes include marijuana, vapes, edibles, and tools

Chris Husong started Club M in October 2015 and now has 300 monthly
subscribers, 60 per cent of whom are women, according to Quartz.

He told the website that his company is 'not for potheads' and caters more
to classier enthusiasts who are looking to 'aid wellness and creativity'.

'Our members are always looking to create perfect moments, and this
subscription makes those moments even more elegant,' he said.

Founder Chris Husong said the service isn't for potheads but connoisseurs

Spliff splurge: There is also a special limited-edition luxury box for $1,000

Around 60% of the service's users are female, and all have a medical
marijuana prescription

The box mailed out this past November, for instance, included a vape pen,
a gram of marijuana, 'powder cannabis mixers' for mixing into beverages,
cannabis-infused olive oil, chocolate caramels infused with cannabis
extract, an 'artistic single-hit glass blunt', a cannabis cookbook, a
'stash box', and a music playlist.

The packages are valued at around $200 each -- and can be purchased
individually, for those who don't want to commit -- but subscribers pay
less than $100 for each shipment.

Past boxes have also contained gummy candles, incense, puzzles (not
containing marijuana), sativa, ganja gum, and even snacks not infused with
cannabis to help with the munchies.

Nom nomL:The boxes include edibles -- food infused with cannabis -- as
well as regular snacks for the munchies

There are also vaping tools and concentrates, as well as lighters and
stash boxes

The company was launched in October 2015 and previous boxes can be bought
for about $200

Recently, the company also rolled out special limited-edition premium
boxes for $1,000 each, marketed toward 'the discriminating cannabis

The carefully-crafted shipment includes 3.4g of different concentrates,
11g of various flowers, 1.5g of vape options, .66g of edibles like coffee
and hot sauce, and 'gear' like a journal, lighter, roller, and an
Apothecarry Limited Edition Box.

'Frankly, it's product most people can't afford, but ClubM members are
clamoring for it,' Husong told the Los Angeles Times. 'There are some
really beautiful luxury cannabis products, [and] this is about discovery
of the best of the best.'

* ClubM rolls out a limited-edition luxury-level box of weed goodies for
the cannabis connoisseur

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