Pubdate: Thu, 22 Dec 2016
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Ron Barillaro
Page: A7


Dear Editor: Omnipotence R us? To start with, we need to see what the 
meaning of omnipotence is. Quote from a legal source dictionary: "The 
quality of having unlimited or very great power."

There are several other synonyms that can be used in place of
omnipotence. Some of these are: "all-powerfulness, almightiness,
supremacy, pre-eminence, supreme power, absolute power, unlimited
power; invincibility."

Where am going with this, you might ask? Somehow the word and its
relatives apply to city council in some of its dealings as of late.

I am waiting to hear that they will be inviting all of us down to one
of the lakes to show us that they can, in fact, walk on water without
getting their feet wet. Now to the heart of the matter!

Canadian law has set legal parameters for the sale and distribution of
marijuana in Canada. I mean all of Canada, not just certain parts.

The laws are very clear on marijuana even though in the near future
they might be adjusted or changed completely. Time will tell. In the
interim, we have national statutes that spell out the law regarding

How is it that our illustrious cadre of elected representatives can
bypass, ignore, call it what you will, scripted Canadian Law?

For the record, I am neither pro nor anti marijuana. If an individual
chooses to himself/herself (without involving minors in any way) use
marijuana, that's on them. Until the law has been changed, the in
vogue law is the law.

The city has sanctioned temporary licenses to two outlets that will
purvey marijuana. This contravenes the marijuana law that is currently
on the books.

How is it possible that a minor municipal council can circumvent the
laws of the land by issuing licences to dispense a product that is not
currently legal on the open market except through government licensed
regulated distributors? Omnipotence or what?

When is the law not the law? The answer is "until it is amended or
rescinded." Are you listening mayor and council? Evidently not, with
reference to your recent licensing actions.

In the chain of legislation, municipal councils are at the bottom of
the law totem pole as far as overall power goes. The tale does not wag
the dog in this case.

Ron Barillaro

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