Pubdate: Wed, 30 Nov 2016
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
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Author: Dale Boyd


Most Downtown Penticton Association members are not supporting
temporary use permits for marijuana dispensaries in downtown
Penticton, according to a recent DPA survey.

The DPA sent out a survey, both via email and hand-delivered, to
hundreds of members last week following a board of directors meeting.

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"The board got together and there was some discussion and basically
the stance that the DPA is taking is that it will not endorse or
support the illegal use, temporary or otherwise, of any retail space
in downtown Penticton," said Lynn Allin, executive director of the
Downtown Penticton Association. "Currently it's just not legal and
it's just very difficult for an association or organization to go
against the law."

At least seven organizations are applying for temporary use permits
from the city at the Dec. 6 council meeting, six of which are located
downtown. The federal government promising to reform laws surrounding
the use and sale of marijuana as early as this spring.

"This is new territory, all in all, for everybody I think. It's a
little unfair the municipalities have to determine their own
regulations and rules around something that doesn't have a federal law
backing it up," Allin said. "That's why I decided to take it to our
DPA members to get a feel for if they are for this idea or not in
favour of this idea."

Hundreds of responses to the survey were received from DPA members,
Allin said.

Over 95 per cent of the responses so far are not in favour of the
permits being accepted by council, others are not in favour until
federal laws are in place. Some responses were in favour of
dispensaries, but not all being located downtown, Allin said.

"So location is an issue, some were saying yes we're in favour of it,
but what are the regulations. Should it fall under the same guides as
the liquor licensing. Lots of different comments," Allin said.

The information will be presented to city staff and City Council prior
to the Dec. 6 meeting.
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