Pubdate: Sat, 26 Nov 2016
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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Author: Jacquie Miller
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The WeeMedical dispensary on Rideau Street has joined a string of pot
shops that have reopened after being closed by police raids.

Four of the seven illegal marijuana stores that were raided by police
three weeks ago are now back in business.

All the seven raided stores are operated by a B.C-based outfit under
the names Green Tree, WeeMedical and CannaGreen.

Ottawa police had said they hoped the raids would serve as a warning
to other illegal dispensaries in town.

The Green Tree shops on Preston Street and Montreal Road, and the
WeeMedical on St. Laurent all reopened in the last week, although
stock was initially limited to a few jars of dried weed.

The WeeMedical on Rideau Street had the "open" sign lit up Friday, and
was stocked with bud as well as cookies, candy, Rice Krispie squares,
soda and hash. Staff asked a reporter to leave the shop, but customers
outside on the sidewalk were happy to chat.

One man, 27, said it was his first visit to the store. He said a clerk
asked for his ID, and he signed his name and address on a form in
order to receive a "membership card" allowing him to purchase the
merchandise. The man said he supports the sale of cannabis in stores.
"It's better than alcohol. Alcohol kills people." Sales should be
restricted to people over age 25, he added. "Anyone younger really
shouldn't be doing it, it will mess them up mentally and

The man said he assumed the government had given approval for the
store to reopen, and was surprised to learn it's still operating
illegally. "It's just weird. Why would it be open again, then?"

Another couple of dispensaries have opened in the past month or so:
Life Line Medicinals on Rideau Street and TopSpot on Bank Street.
There are about 11 dispensaries operating in Ottawa.
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