Pubdate: Fri, 04 Nov 2016
Source: Forum, The  (Fargo, ND)
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Author: John Fischer


Medical marijuana needs to pass.

My son suffers from autoimmune disease to the point where he can no
longer enjoy daily activities most of us take for granted like going
for a walk because of his pain. My son experienced years of medical
professionals more concerned about their liability insurance premiums
going up than treating my son's pain.

Can you imagine what it was like to carry my son out of the emergency
room without medication screaming in pain? This happened because the
doctor thought he might be a user.

Most people probably don't know there is an odd thing about opiates.
You can get to a level of opiates where they no longer give you pain
relief because your receptors are full. My son experienced a surgery
like this. Can you imagine having surgery without any pain relief?

One day he had an opportunity to try marijuana developed in a way to
treat his pain. It is life changing.

Did you know medical marijuana offered by prescription can be used
instead of opiates? Before my son was affected I probably would have
been voting against it just out of ignorance. Does it take you or your
loved one to be impacted by something like ulcerative colitis, cancer,
a damaged neck or back like it was with me?

Be smarter than I was, support it now. Why wait until something
happens to you or someone you love. Vote "yes" on Measure 5. Vote
"yes" for a changed life for many who suffer. Vote "yes" for my son so
he can live in North Dakota. Medical marijuana needs to pass.

Fischer lives in Fargo.
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