Pubdate: Mon, 31 Oct 2016
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2016 Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Stan White
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor.


I'm sure Larry Comeau means well (Letter: Hazy Policy, Oct. 26, 2016), 
however, cannabis (marijuana) is not a "drug" or "narcotic." If Comeau 
were to hold cannabis in his hand, he'd see it's a green plant.

There's no evidence cannabis is responsible for increased traffic deaths 
in Washington state. Implying lies, half-truths and propaganda regarding 
cannabis doesn't make them true.

It is commendable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ending cannabis 
prohibition in Canada. Colorado successfully re-legalized cannabis for 
adults and every subsequent poll indicates Colorado citizens continue 
supporting the end of cannabis prohibition. There is every reason to 
believe when Canada ends cannabis prohibition, the majority will not 
look back with regret either.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado

(The tide is shifting that way.)
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