Pubdate: Fri, 21 Oct 2016
Source: Surrey Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016 Surrey Leader
Author: Richard Griffin


The other day I happened to cut through a wooded area in Surrey and
came across a disoriented, confused young lady on drugs and in some

I couldn't help but think that she is someone's daughter, probably
with parents out there worrying about her. I phoned the police who
came immediately to check on her.

When I checked back next day, the authorities told me they took the
young woman to the hospital. If I hadn't come along, she may have
fallen asleep and frozen to death or someone else may have come along
and taken advantage of her. This brought tears to my eyes because I
know what it is like as a parent to worry that I may lose my daughter
or granddaughter to an overdose.

The overdoses in Surrey are still happening and little is being done
to help the marginalized in the area known as The Strip. I have a
daughter and granddaughter among the many who live on the street
there. I know what it is to worry about getting a phone call telling
me that one or both of my family have been found dead of an overdose
in some alley or park because there is no supervised safe area for
them in case of overdose.

Vancouver has one and is looking at opening more. Surrey does not want
to open one because no one wants it in their area.

Well, drug use is occurring anyway, so why not in a safe environment?
If there was a safe injection site, then the users would be inside,
safe and not seen.

Richard Griffin

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