Pubdate: Fri, 07 Oct 2016
Source: Toronto 24hours (CN ON)
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Author: Sarah Hanlon
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More raids in T.O.

Toronto Police Services executed three dispensary search warrants
Wednesday night. Between the marijuana storefronts, Swed (3440 Lake
Shore Blvd W.), Better Living (2791 Lake Shore Blvd W.) and The Corner
Store (1128 The Queensway) only $24,000 of marijuana was seized. Six
people ranging in age from 19 to 30 are now facing multiple criminal
charges, including possession and possession of proceeds of crime.

Pot's first franchise goes under.

Activists Marc and Jodi Emery have expanded their weed empire, selling
Canada's first recreational cannabis franchise in Peterborough late
this summer - and just like their three Toronto locations, the pot
shop has already run into trouble with the law. The George St.
dispensary, which opened on September 9, has been raided twice in less
than a month.

Franchisee, 62-year-old Richard Standen, who was not there at the time
of the raids, now has a warrant out for his arrest. A protest at City
Hall on Thursday drew a small but passionate crowd of activists. Looks
like the suburbs really are into green spaces.

Instagram removes Marc Emery's page.

The weed activist lost tens of thousands of followers when the social
media company deleted his page with no explanation. This is not the
first time the popular photo-posting website has shut down
weed-related accounts. Just last month, legal companies like Tweed (a
medical marijuana producer) and Lift (a medical review group)
complained after their pages were removed. They argued that people
like Marc Emery and his Toronto dispensary flaunt illegal activity and
hadn't been taken down. Looks like Instagram heard the complaints loud
and clear (although no 'legal weed' accounts were reactivated by Instagram).

Surprise! Comedians smoke weed.

Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live recently lit up the Internet when
he said, "I wouldn't be able to do SNL if I didn't smoke weed" while
he sparked a joint on camera. The comedian, who just nailed his Mr.
Robot impression for SNL's best premiere in years, owned the 'pothead'
label and opened up to High Times about treating his Crohn's disease.
Davidson candidly talks about developing the disease at 17 and trying
every doctor recommendation only to notice that "weed would be the
only thing to help me eat."

Cop ran illegal dispensary - superiors are well aware.

More controversy is swirling around the Durham cop who was
moonlighting as an illegal dispensary co-owner in Oshawa. While cops
around Ontario were shutting down dispensaries and arresting their
owners left and right, Const. Phil Edgar was making a buck selling
weed and edibles out of a storefront dispensary called Living On Inc.
Turns out Edgar, who has been commended on marijuana raids in the
past, had given thousands of dollars to the man who approved his
application for the 'kushy' new side job.

Chief administrative officer Stan MacLellan claims the money was for
his daughter's soccer club and had no idea where it came from. Edgar's
defence: "From my view, everything Living On was doing was ethical and
legal. If we're helping people, and it's all ethical and legal, then I
have no problem with it." If a cop can get confused about the
legalities of marijuana, what hope do the rest of us have? It's more
likely Edgar was confused about what being ethical means.

Cuptober hits Toronto.

Canada's biggest medical cannabis competition has begun! The third
annual Karma Cup just packaged 21,660 samples of cannabis, hash, oils,
topicals, and pens for their elite judges to rank before the big event
at Polson Pier on Oct. 22 and 23. With a production cost of $150,000,
this year's Karma Cup will be the biggest yet and will host the 2016
NORML Canada National Conference with speakers from around the
country. The weekend will be packed with vendors, giveaways, glass
blowing, art, food trucks and live music including MMDJ of A Tribe
Called Red. It's important to note in an industry that often focuses
on men - The Karma Cup is a run by all women and is widely considered
the best in the country. Tickets are $15 for both days or $10 for one.
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