Pubdate: Wed, 28 Sep 2016
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
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Author: Lucie Edwardson
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Shift in drug habits, supply chain blamed

The Calgary Police Service has seen a 292 per cent increase in
methamphetamine seizures in the second quarter of 2016, compared to
the same time last year, according to a report presented to the
Calgary Police Commission on Tuesday.

Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta said the increase is measured in both
small busts, such as a person carrying a baggy of the drug, all the
way up to large busts. In conjunction with the ever-increasing
fentanyl issue in the province, they're seeing some scary outcomes.

"Some people are using meth to get high and fentanyl to come down," he

Schiavetta said the significant increase in meth seizures is due to a
shift in drug habits and the supplier landscape.

"Meth is easy to get, it's highly addictive and it's cheaper than
drugs like cocaine," he said.

Schiavetta said the street value for one gram of meth is around $50.
He added there are people in Calgary trying to support a $1,000-a-day
addiction, which directly correlates with increased property crime.

"People needing to support that addiction often don't have the money,
so that's $1,000 of crime they have to commit."
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