Pubdate: Tue, 06 Sep 2016
Source: Northern Star (Australia)
Copyright: 2016 APN News & Media Ltd
Author: Cathryn McLauchlan


SUPPORTERS of the Nimbin Lane Boys gathered outside Lismore 
courthouse to protest for "long overdue" cannabis law reform yesterday.

Twenty nine men were arrested earlier this year as part of Strike 
Force Cuppa, an investigation into the ongoing supply of cannabis in Nimbin.

The men, nicknamed Nimbin Lane Boys, appeared before court yesterday 
and will continue appearances today, surrounded by their angry 
friends and family who wish to "bring the boys back home".

President of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy, Michael Balderstone, said in an 
email that most of the men were not allowed to enter Nimbin.

"They are our boys, young men who grew up in this tight-knit, close 
community," he said.

"They went to school together, play football together, and many of 
them work together now.

"What are the real consequences of these restrictions? Who is 
thinking it through?"

Nimbin resident Dionne May said the protest was not only about the 29 
accused men, but also about a much larger issue - the legalisation of 
medical marijuana. "We know something is going on in Nimbin. It's 
called a revolution. A revolution about marijuana," she said.

"It's a plant, and I'm here today to stick up for her and to stick up 
for the boys in our town who supply this to the sick people in Australia."

Mr Balderstone said unlike other prescribed medicines cannabis was 
natural and organic.

"Think about where people get their medicine from," he said. 
"Cannabis is the medicine you really want, and we need the government 
to make a move or at least back off a bit.

"How about giving us a break and the police a break.

"It shouldn't be in the same basket as ice, for example."

He said the Nimbin Lane Boys were important members of the community 
for their local knowledge.

"If we get any real dramas in the community they keep the peace," he said.

"And they stop people from being ripped off with drugs and they keep 
ice out of town."
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