Pubdate: Mon, 05 Sep 2016
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
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Misleading the public and condescending to grieving parents is one 
approach to win supporters to your cause, but we can't imagine it's a 
winning one for the supporters of Question 4.

Organizers of the campaign to legalize the recreational use of 
marijuana sent out a fundraising email last week in which they 
blurred the lines between general pot use, which the ballot question 
would legalize, and use of marijuana for medical purposes, which of 
course is already legal.

"If you think people in our state deserve a safer alternative to 
prescription painkillers, please help end marijuana prohibition on 
November 8 by donating today," wrote campaign manager Will Luzier, 
who cites the opioid crisis and deaths from overdoses as an incentive 
to vote yes.

"If our initiative passes," he added, "medical marijuana patients 
will be able to seek help for debilitating diseases and chronic pain 
without committing a crime."

Again, they can do that today - but Luzier wouldn't want to confuse 
anyone with the facts.

The letter also cited the need to expand access to marijuana "for 
veterans and other patients." Of course, it's all about helping 
veterans! What's that Samuel Johnson said about patriotism being the 
last refuge of a scoundrel?

Forty-six people, including health care CEOs, recovery specialists 
and parents who have lost children to opioid addiction, wrote to 
Luzier to complain that using those who have died of overdoses as a 
hook for a fundraising pitch was "deeply troubling."

"We are far too familiar with the devastating impact of the opioid 
crisis on our families and families across the Commonwealth," they 
wrote. "While the causes of this crisis are many, we believe that 
legalizing recreational marijuana would only make it worse, not better."

In response a spokesman for the campaign called the critics - who 
again include grieving parents - "props" of the opposition campaign.

Supporters of Question 4 ought to make their case without exploiting 
a public health crisis that has nothing to do with their cause, other 
than perhaps making that crisis worse.
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