Pubdate: Sun, 04 Sep 2016
Source: Philippine Star (Philippines)
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Author: Christina Mendez


Just like in the movies, but this is real life.

President Duterte admitted he takes inspiration from Western action 
movies like "Dirty Harry" in waging his bloody war on drugs that has 
raised concern among the United Nations, the United States and human 
rights advocates.

Duterte's revelation came just hours before a blast ripped the Roxas 
night market in his hometown Davao City that killed 14 and injured 
more than 60 people.

Answering queries from Michael Sullivan of the National Public Radio 
Washington, Duterte related the movie "Dirty Harry" with the killings 
of sus-pected drug pushers, particularly those killed by vigilante groups.

"I am sure you know Dirty Harry and Dirty Harry felt something for 
the community," Duterte said during a press conference at the 
sidelines of the inauguration of Davao International Container Port.

The President has maintained that policemen are not behind the 
killings as he revealed that members of drug syndicates have fallen 
for law enforcers' tactic of sowing intrigues among warring groups.

To drive home his point on the evils of the drug trade, Duterte cited 
the case of a policeman assigned in Mindanao, whose first grader 
daughter was raped and killed by suspected drug users.

"I tell you frankly now, and you can repeat it, that if I were the 
father and I took care of this child, a girl, and then suddenly she's 
found dead raped, would you think that I would be contented just 
killing one, two, three?" he said.

"No, it's always an eye for an eye at the end of the day. Who taught 
us? The movie of Clint Eastwood personified it that way," he added.

"Dirty Harry" is a 1971 American action film where Eastwood played 
the title role as Inspector Harry Callahan of the San Francisco 
Police Department. Described as "culturally, historically and 
aesthetically significant" by the National Film Registry in 2012, 
"Dirty Harry" was a critical and commercial success that set the 
style for a whole genre of police films.

Duterte also cited the film "Taken" where Liam Neeson's character is 
an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who goes after a 
human trafficking syndicate for abducting his teenage daughter.

"What's the difference between Liam Neeson killing a lot of Europeans 
there and Americans because of what happened to his daughter? That's 
why the scriptwriter knows what's in the mind of the human being," 
Duterte said.

"Everything is shaped by the culture of the world now... So what goes 
on in the minds of the Americans? And we think that the movie is good 
and we should follow it. I mean to the average family man. Now how 
about the so many Clint Eastwoods in the police department?" he added.

Duterte also argued that the movie should not have been shown if it 
set a bad example.

"If it is bad, then it should have been not shown at all because it 
will poison the mind of everybody in the world. But it was good and 
it was Rated R, only for adults. Everything is shaped by the culture 
of the world now. It's a sinking world," he added.

Duterte reiterated that he has no regrets in launching the war 
against drugs as he is mandated to protect the country and the next generation.

"I stake my life, my honor and the presidency itself. I don't really 
need it that badly. Just don't fk with the next Filipinos because 
there will be a portion of that next generation that is or will be 
fractured," he said.
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