Pubdate: Sat, 03 Sep 2016
Source: Philippine Star (Philippines)
Copyright: PhilSTAR Daily Inc. 2016
Author: Non Alquitran


Aside from nightclubs and bars, authorities are setting their sights 
on condominium dwellers and call center agents in Metro Manila in the 
next phase of the war on drugs.

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Supt. 
Oscar Albayalde said they are investigating reports that drug pushers 
are using condominium dwellers and call center agents in their 
illegal transactions.

Albayalde noted that the two groups could evade police detection 
because many call center agents work at night while condominiums are 
usually well secured against unwanted visitors. "I've ordered the 
five district directors to step up the implementation of Oplan 
Tokhang and Project Double Barrel in condominium units, business 
process outsourcing ( BPO) offices in Metro Manila," Albayalde said.

He ordered the five police district directors in Metro Manila to 
coordinate their inspections with condominium administrators and 
homeowners' associations to prevent complaints and misunderstandings.

The 30 station commanders and chiefs of police are also tasked to 
coordinate with local officials in the inspection of condominium 
units, BPO offices and gated villages.

The NCRPO has been working with operators of high-end bars and 
nightclubs in going after pushers, particularly of party drugs such 
as Ecstasy. Sixteen police personnel are monitoring the high-end bars 
and entertainment centers at the BGC. Albayalde said not a single 
drug-related incident has been recorded in the area so far.

He said the bar owners have thanked the police for the heightened 
security against drug deals.

"The bar owners say their business is brisk these days because 
clients are staying a bit longer in their establishments as they feel 
safe with the presence of policemen," Albayalde said.

He said he was told that in the past, bar clients high on drugs 
lingered in the establishments for hours but consumed only a soft 
drink or a bottle of water while listening to music.

 From July 1 to Sept. 1, the NCRPO has killed 294 suspected drug 
pushers and arrested 3,891 others. A total of 41,819 self-confessed 
drug offenders surrendered during the same period.

Albayalde stressed the impact of Oplan Tokhang and Project Double 
Barrel in reducing the supply of drugs and the large number of those 
who surrendered.

He said expanding the antidrug operations to condominium units, BPO 
offices and exclusive villages would significantly contribute to the 
cleansing of illegal drug personalities in Metro Manila.
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