Pubdate: Thu, 25 Aug 2016
Source: Metro (Vancouver, CN BC)
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Dispensaries say it can help some dogs with anxiety

Pot can help man's best friend too, say several Vancouver pot shop
operators, but at least one vet is warning pet owners to proceed with

A sign outside Cannawide, a medical marijuana dispensary on West 4th,
claims cannabis products can help dogs with anxiety and joint pain.

Some people come into the store solely to buy cannabis products for
their dogs with no intention of using medicinal pot products
themselves, said Andrew Gordon, community integration director at the

"I have people who literally come in off the street, become members
strictly because they want access for their dogs and it's really
important to them," he said. "We have a hard time keeping them on the
shelf here." The dog biscuits have the chemical cannabidiol (CBD) in
them, which does not have psychoactive effects said Gordon. In other
words, dogs are not supposed to get high from eating the treats.

Many people will do anything for the canine member of the family and
cannabis is one possible solution for pain, said another dispensary

"It seems like a logical assumption that if it works for humans it
might work for an animal," said Andrea Dobbs, co-founder of The
Village Cannabis Dispensary. The store has regulars who rely on the
dog products for everything from pain to temperament management. But
one vet says this is still a grey area for medical

"People use (medical marijuana) for seizures, cancer, anxiety, and
arthritis." said Parmjit Dhillon, director and owner of Burrard Animal

"But there is no major study to confirm that there is a benefit for

Until marijuana is legalized, vets have their hands tied when it comes
to prescribing or even suggesting pet owners try cannabis products on
animals, he said.

"They should really talk to the doctor to see if there are other safer
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