Pubdate: Sat, 27 Aug 2016
Source: New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2016 New Zealand Herald
Author: Linda Field


Nearly 30 years ago my then 40- year-old husband was diagnosed with 
cancer. Two years later and after several operations, the cancer 
returned and nothing more could be done. His life over, his last 
couple of years consisted of radiotherapy, operations and daily doses 
of morphine. We were told that even with the cancer he had, he would 
never have to be in pain, due to the morphine. What we weren't told 
was the side effects of the morphine - nightmares, hallucinations and 
not being able to eat. We ended up taking turns to sit with him 
during the night to talk him through the hallucinations. He tried 
halving the morphine dose but was then in a lot of pain.

A friend who came to visit was horrified to see the distress my 
husband was in and arranged for him to be given two marijuana 
cigarettes. I was totally against him having these but he was at the 
stage he would try anything. Within a very short time after smoking 
just part of one cigarette, he was almost pain-free and able to have 
a conversation. It's for this reason alone I will back the call to 
legalise medical marijuana.

Linda Field

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