Pubdate: Fri, 19 Aug 2016
Source: Nelson Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2016 Black Press
Author: Will Johnson


A Kootenay resident was having lunch on Victoria St. this week when he
noticed something unusual - what he took to be a three-foot marijuana
plant brazenly displayed outside a local dispensary.

"I was having lunch with my wife at El Taco and we noticed the Green
Room next door. My wife was like 'what's that?' and I said I'm pretty
sure it's a dispensary," the resident told the Star.

"We peeked our head over and there was this sign on the street, and at
first we didn't see the pot plant. Then we were like 'holy moly,
what's this?' I said I've got to get a picture of this,because it's
not everyday you see something like that."

The photo received plentiful feedback online once he posted it ion
facebook but as it turns out, though, the plant is actually a Japanese
maple-a fact confirmed by the Star when it visited on Thursday and met
with Manager Stevie, who did not want her last name published.

The faux marijuana plant appeared only weeks after ravers at the
Shambhala Music Festival planted a full-grown plant on the dance floor
and posted video evidence of their deed - leading to extensive media
coverage online.

The Green Room Society is the latest of eight downtown dispensaries
currently operated in Nelson,despite the fact they're currently illegal.
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