Pubdate: Thu, 18 Aug 2016
Source: Airdrie City View (CN AB)
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If you mention laws surrounding the use of marijuana, you are likely
to get an earful of differing opinions. But when it comes to medical
marijuana, there seems to be at least some lenience on negative views.

According to Health Canada, under the Access to Cannabis for Medical
Purposes Regulations, Canadians who have been authorized by their
health care practitioner to access cannabis for medical purposes will
continue to have the option of purchasing safe, quality-controlled
cannabis from one of the 34 producers licensed by Health Canada.
Canadians will also be able to produce a limited amount of cannabis
for their own medical purposes, or designate someone to produce it for

However, the debate comes when pediatric medical marijuana is

In December 2015, the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) issued a
statement warning against the use of pediatric medical marijuana. The
release stated, "There is little data to support either the efficacy
or safety of cannabis use for any indications in children, and an
increasing body of data suggests possible harm, most importantly in
specific conditions."

How then, does the CPS explain the results from an Airdrie mom who
said the use of cannabis oil has resulted in the total elimination of
seizures in her daughter since she began administering the oil?

Though this may only be anecdotal evidence, for this particular family
it is absolute truth and should be considered in the debate.

Though we cannot begin to suggest children should be allowed to use
medical marijuana, we are suggesting in some instances - such as the
case in Airdrie where accepted medical practices had a seven-year-old
on ventilators in hospital every few months, sometimes in a
medically-induced coma - the option should be available.

At the very least Health Canada should further investigate because
sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks.
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