Pubdate: Thu, 18 Aug 2016
Source: Philippine Star (Philippines)
Copyright: PhilSTAR Daily Inc. 2016
Author: Christina Mendez


President Duterte scored the United Nations yesterday for hitting his 
aggressive anti-drug campaign, which he said has so far claimed the 
lives of 1,000 drug addicts and pushers.

He complained that the UN is zeroing in on his administration's drug 
campaign when it was quiet on mass killings in other countries.

"While I really do not know who's going to come here for that, I am 
going to whack him in the head," Duterte said at the anniversary of 
the Philippine National Police at Camp Crame.

"Do not investigate us as if we are criminals. Don't ever do that... 
I will not receive you warmly in this country. But if you come here, 
explain or maybe hear about the happenings on criminals or see (for) 
yourselves," he said, referring to UN probers.

He accused the UN of interfering in the government's affairs as he 
urged policemen "not to be intimidated about the statement of the 
United Nations." "UN can only investigate genocide, when you kill... 
killing children, killing the whole community... but when you kill 
criminals who fight you and criminals who fight among themselves, 
that is our duty."

"We will answer for every killing that involves a human being, 
whether it is connected with the fulfillment of duty of the police or 
not," he said.

He said many people have lost their sons and daughters to drugs and 
have been waiting for this time to seek justice.

He also described as "stupid" the reports accusing the government of 
being behind all the summary executions.

"Here comes the UN easily swayed and coming on a very stupid 
proposition of, you know, for those who are killed by the drug 
syndicates we can only investigate, but do not attribute acts of 
other criminals upon my government," he said.

"I would like also to just say why would the United Nations be so 
easily swayed into interfering in the affairs of this republic?" he asked.

"There are about just 1,000. There are a lot of people, innocent 
women, child, young women, young men, old men, old women being killed 
elsewhere in this world without ever seeing the slightest justice."

Suicide bombings

Duterte cited for example in the Middle East, where there have been 
lives lost due to suicide bombings.

"I have yet to see the United Nations complaining publicly, even not 
criticizing countries who are into bombing villages and communities, 
killing everybody there including the goats and the cows and the 
dogs," Duterte said.

Shoot them dead

Amid international outcry over human rights violations, Duterte 
reiterated his call to the police to kill drug suspects who will 
resist during operations.

"I will suppress crime and take control of the drug situation, which 
was really running wild. Make no mistake about it," he said.

"Do not hesitate to kill if you are in danger of losing your life," 
he told policemen.

"If you cannot bring him to the police station... ( and you need) to 
overcome the resistance... and in the process the operation is 
placing your life in jeopardy  shoot and shoot him dead."
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