Pubdate: Tue, 16 Aug 2016
Source: New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2016 New Zealand Herald
Author: Jeanette Grant


John Key's response to the survey showing 80 per cent of us want 
medical marijuana legalised and 64 per cent would like ordinary 
marijuana legalised or at least decriminalised was very interesting. 
While saying that "would send the wrong message to our young people", 
he added that he understood the police were already "turning a blind 
eye" in many cases. If this is true, it reveals a disturbing attitude 
to the law among both those who make these laws and those who enforce 
them. It may be time to remember the old saying, "Never make a law 
you can't enforce" for ignoring or defying one law tends to reduce 
respect for all.

Jeanette Grant, Mt Eden.
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