Pubdate: Sat, 13 Aug 2016
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
Copyright: 2016 The Baltimore Sun Company
Author: Darrell Hodge


It is unacceptable that a letter writer who identified himself as a 
long-time addictions counselor would display such an inadequate and 
limited knowledge of medication-assisted treatment for substance use 
disorders ("Addiction can't be medicated away," July 25).

I am now in long-term recovery after having suffered with a substance 
use disorder for most of my life. I have tried many types of 
treatment, but what worked for me was a long-term, 
medication-assisted treatment plan.

Through that, I realized that regardless of the treatment, if one is 
seriously seeking recovery and positive change all approaches can work.

I successfully completed my treatment plan, and have been working as 
a peer recovery specialist at the program where I was treated, and I 
have witnessed many success stories with medication-assisted 
treatment as a patient and as a member of the staff.

I have been a mentor and an advocate for all treatment but will 
always testify to the positive results that I witnessed regarding 
medication-assisted treatment.

I will also advocate for removing the stigma and providing awareness 
about medication-assisted treatment. Everyone, including addictions 
counselors, need to remember that their words matter.

Darrell Hodge, Baltimore
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