Pubdate: Fri, 12 Aug 2016
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
Page: A10
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Author: Pamela McColl


Re: Four findings (SP Aug. 8):

Instead of printing American pot propaganda, how about the Saskatoon 
Star-Phoenix provide Canadians with the scientific truths about the 
use of pot and the consequences on reproductive health.

Risks demonstrated in the scientific literature pertaining to 
marijuana product use include generational genetic and chromosomal damage.

Marijuana use can disrupt fetal growth and the development of organs 
and limbs and may result in mutagenic alterations in DNA. Cannabis 
has also been associated with fetal abnormalities in many studies 
including low birth weight, fetal growth restriction, preterm birth 
spontaneous miscarriage, spina bifida and others.

Men who use marijuana are at risk for testicular cancer, sterility 
and erectile dysfunction if they smoke marijuana products.

Pamela McColl, Vancouver McColl writes on behalf of the Marijuana 
Victims' Association
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