Pubdate: Wed, 03 Aug 2016
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2016 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Buck Weckman


Even though the residents and voters of the city of Marysville, in 
the June election, voted down Measure A (Marijuana Cultivation) and 
Measure B (Marijuana Dispensaries), the City Council continues to 
march down the slippery slope of establishing city-supported 
marijuana dispensaries. Marysville residents need to take a hard look 
at the direction the City Council is taking them.

A public records request of all related emails in this matter 
indicated the city manager received back room direction from a 
majority of the council to pursue establishing Marysville marijuana 
dispensaries. City staff, including the police chief and marijuana 
interests, was involved in developing a "done deal" long before the 
first public hearing. In effect, the results are a city supported 
marijuana industry monopoly providing kickbacks (taxes) to the city 
coffers. Each dispensary also directly funds a city police officer; 
would this officer be used to ensure local marijuana users cannot 
grow their own and must shop at the city supported marijuana 
dispensary? This whole deal is looking more like Chicago-style politics.

I would like to support the city of Marysville and still do by 
shopping at what is left of Marysville city businesses. This will 
become even more difficult after the marijuana crowd takes over the 
city. It will then become a place to avoid.

However, there is now at hand a remedy to solve the continued 
downward spiral of Marysville; it's called an election. Three of the 
city councilman and the mayor are up for reelection. We can only hope 
that some prominent, honest, competent and morally sound individuals 
stand up and campaign against the current incumbents. These new 
candidates must file election papers by Aug. 12. A positive campaign 
of sound fiscal management and a family friendly town will certainly 
produce a new team of winners. After all, what does the current 
council have to show for results, new taxes and a drug friendly 
administration? Let them campaign on that record.

Buck Weckman

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