Pubdate: Fri, 29 Jul 2016
Source: Houston Chronicle (TX)
Copyright: 2016 Houston Chronicle Publishing Company Division, Hearst Newspaper
Author: G. Gratzer


Regarding "Dangerous drugs" (Page A14, Thursday), the editorial takes 
note of illogical marijuana laws in our state, while those laws 
sidestep kush, which is actually a more dangerous substance. Four 
states have already legalized the use of marijuana, and all is well.

Texas needs to move forward on this issue as well as the issue of 
casino gambling. Other states are enjoying the freedoms related to 
both of these issues, which should be individual choices.

We are stuck in an outdated mode, based on falsehoods and overly 
conservative and religious mores. We need to focus our laws and 
enforcement efforts on things that really matter.

G. Gratzer, Sargent
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