Pubdate: Thu, 21 Jul 2016
Source: Metro (Halifax, CN NS)
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Author: Zane Woodford


Medical marijuana shop challenging review board

It's going to be business as usual for a local medical marijuana 
dispensary, despite a decision from the Utility and Review Board.

Tasty Budds, which has three locations in Halifax Regional 
Municipality, appealed a decision by the municipality in February to 
deny the business an occupancy permit.

In a decision released this week, the UARB denied the appeal.

"We respect their decision, but we know that it's wrong at the same 
time. So we're just moving forward and filing an appeal," Tasty Budds 
owner Mal McMeekin said Wednesday.

The UARB decision firmly takes the side of the municipality, stating 
that Tasty Budds' sale of marijuana is illegal, and therefore the 
municipality's denial of a licence was legitimate.

"The Board considers it has no alternative other than to make a 
finding that the sale of medical marijuana by Tasty Budds, in their 
store in a strip mall, constitutes a violation of the applicable 
Federal Legislation," the decision reads.

The decision repeatedly states that the board did not understand the 
purpose of Tasty Budds' legal arguments, finding them "unpersuasive."

McMeekin knows that his business operates in what he calls a legal 
"grey area," but he noted that the federal and provincial governments 
have no issue taking his tax money, and said he's had no problems 
with two other Tasty Budds locations in New Minas and Riverview, N.B.

"Our problem's really just with the City of Halifax not being on 
board with it yet," he said.
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