Pubdate: Fri, 15 Jul 2016
Source: Toronto 24hours (CN ON)
Page: 3
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Author: Sarah Hanlon


Toronto will look a lot hazier before the weekend hits: Inside 
sources tell 24 Hours that traffic gridlock is about to get a whole 
lot more congested ... with smoke.

Today, marijuana advocates and frustrated cannabis users are set to 
stage several smoke-ins at busy intersections around the downtown 
core to demonstrate the desperate need for safe spaces for marijuana users.

It's been over a month since the Ontario government passed Bill 178, 
which added "prescribed substances" to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

This addition prevents medical marijuana patients from medicating 
anywhere cigarettes are prohibited.

And once this bill goes into effect, cannabis lounges in the city - 
that have operated as community hubs for years - become even more 
vulnerable under the new law. The marijuana community argues this 
kind of protest is necessary because people in desperate need of herb 
for medication are growing frustrated by continued bureaucratic 
bungling and delays.

The recent sweep known as Project Claudia raided more than 40 medical 
dispensaries in the city and the crackdowns are not easing up.

As previously reported, Black Lives Matter's much publicized sit-in 
at the Pride parade inspired the medical marijuana movement to use 
the same tactics.
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