Pubdate: Fri, 01 Jul 2016
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Shawn Jeffords
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Mayor John Tory has a message for people looking to cash in on
Canada's move to legalize weed - "hold their horses."

Tory was reacting Thursday to the creation of a federal task force to
blaze the trail towards marijuana legalization. But the feds also
signaled that the current laws regarding recreational weed use,
possession and sales remain intact and will be enforced.

Tory said that statement also goes for Toronto, where police and
licensing staff have raided the growing number of pot dispensaries
sprouting up across the city since the Liberal government signaled it
would pursue changes to the law.

"I welcome the clarity that came from Ottawa, although it was clarity
that came with respect to something that was common sense," Tory said.
"I mean that the law is the law until it's changed or until a court
rules otherwise."

Medicinal marijuana patients and activists have been outraged by the
raids which they say are heavy-handed. They argue the resulting
charges will likely be thrown out when the feds finally change the
legislation sometime next year.

And to those angry about the slow pace, Tory said, not so

"If those people could just be patient and allow their desire to make
money, which really I think a lot of times what this is about, to be
tempered by the fact that we do operate in a society that operates on
the rule of law, then I think we'd all be better off," he said.
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