Pubdate: Sat, 25 Jun 2016
Source: Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON)
Page: B3
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Author: Nick Westoll

Prince of Pot re-opens T.O. dispensary

The Prince of Pot is calling for marijuana dispensaries to be 
governed under the same rules as food and plant businesses.

Marc Emery flew to Toronto for the reopening of his Cannabis Culture 
franchise location on Queen St. W. Friday morning - a day after 
Toronto Police raided the business.

"We don't believe it should have any more regulations than cucumbers 
or coffee or flowers," Emery said.

"Every single Canadian who has a passion for marijuana should be 
entitled to go into business and serve the public and serve the demand."

Emery, a long-time marijuana activist who claims he has been arrested 
28 times in Canada for pot-related offences, said he will be at the 
dispensary throughout the day and most of next week to work behind the counter.

"As long as we have true believers who are willing to go to jail for 
our cause, as I am, we will continue to open and defy the punishment 
the City of Toronto under the federal government is giving us," Emery 
said, adding people are "voting with their feet and their dollars."

As customers lined up on Queen St. W. Friday morning, police 
announced they executed search warrants at four Toronto dispensaries 
on Thursday and arrested and charged 23 people with drug-related offences.

Drug squad officers seized almost $290,000 worth of marijuana, 
hashish and hash oil as well as almost $30,000 in cash.

Police conducted the investigation in conjunction with the City of 
Toronto's municipal licensing and standards staff.

Olivia Brown, a 35-year-old professional cannabis consultant from 
Hamilton, brought her three children to the Cannabis Culture store 
re-opening to show her support.

"I brought them to show them how to peacefully disobey an unjust 
law," Brown said, adding she has medical permission to use cannabis 
to treat severe anxiety.

She said marijuana helps many people with medical conditions and has 
a message after Thursday's raid.

"I really want to make it clear to Canada that this isn't a fight 
against the police," Brown said. "We are fighting against old laws."
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