Pubdate: Thu, 23 Jun 2016
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Page: A13
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Author: Jodie Emery


Re: Most Vancouverites concerned about pot use in public, poll finds

Vision Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang is not correct when he says no 
one is complaining about the heavy-handed marijuana dispensary 
closure enforcement. Tens of thousands of responsible adult consumers 
are happily supporting the many dispensaries operating in Vancouver, 
and that is why so many storefronts opened. It's simple supply and 
demand economics.

These public, professional dispensaries are peacefully engaging in 
consensual transactions between adults, with a product consumed by 
millions and generating economic growth in our communities. The City 
of Vancouver should immediately cease its costly, aggressive, 
unwarranted bylaw enforcement and reach out to local cannabis experts 
and professional business owners to help recreate an improved model 
of fair and just regulations. We must not let fear-based policies 
shut down 90 per cent of local businesses that are peaceful, 
successful, and popular. The public wants free choice and safe, open 
access to cannabis.

Jodie Emery, Vancouver
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