Pubdate: Tue, 21 Jun 2016
Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)
Copyright: 2016 The Columbus Dispatch
Author: Brian Cline


I respond to the Sunday letter "State needs guidance on medical pot" 
from Thomas D'Onofrio. I don't think he should worry about anyone 
using medical marijuana. This bill was crafted by elected career 
legislators, who are also prohibitionists.

I don't think any doctors are going to write people a prescription 
for medical marijuana unless they are on their death bed.

No insurance company is going to cover medical marijuana as soon as 
it sees the word THC anywhere.

And no one will be able to afford it anyway. A check online indicated 
medical marijuana could cost someone up to $400 dollars an ounce - it 
would cost $1,200 for a three-month supply.

Lastly, the good doctor would like one to give up his or her driver's 
license if he or she receives a prescription. I would agree with that 
only if all patients who are prescribed Vicodin, OxyContin, and 
Percocet have their driver's license pulled as well.

I think cannabis will be legalized before anyone gets a script from a 
doctor in Ohio.

Brian Cline

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