Pubdate: Sun, 19 Jun 2016
Source: Press Democrat, The (Santa Rosa, CA)
Copyright: 2016 The Press Democrat
Author: Greg Anton


EDITOR: Regarding Wednesday's bust ("Police raid hits 5 sites," 
Thursday), it appears as if the feds are using state enforcement 
officials as a shield for their improper (illegal) activities, and 
the state cops are using federal law as their shield, which is 
totally inappropriate under state law.

One hundred cops! Imagine if that energy were organized to find 
missing children? Do people realize that those 100 cops, and the 
countless other bureaucrats, investigators, judges, prosecutors, 
jailers and probation officers that have been/will be involved in 
this, aren't investigating potential terrorists while they do this?

Those 100 cops are complicit in the violent crimes that are being 
committed while they choose to direct their limited resources toward 
pot - a hideous example of our government's misplaced priorities.

The war on drugs: 50 years/50 zillion dollars to ensure that there is 
no pot in California. Keep up the good work.


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