Pubdate: Fri, 10 Jun 2016
Source: Nelson Mail, The (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2016 Fairfax New Zealand Limited
Author: Victoria Davis


Once again we see another suffering New Zealander on TV news who is 
having great difficulties getting the only medicine that really helps 
him, medicinal cannabis.

The caregiver of this poor man said that once he started taking 
Sativex [pharmaceutical cannabis product from overseas], he enjoyed 
his first good nights of sleep, a reduction in symptoms, had a 
welcome, healthy appetite and actually "felt good". Sativex costs 
over $1,000/month.

Peter Dunne is insisting that these victims of serious health 
problems must pay heavily and jump through many hoops in order to get 
access to a cannabis product.

Your front page article, "Medical cannabis review 'ignorant"' is more 
proof that Peter Dunne is not the person to control what medicines 
are available to New Zealanders.

Over 70 per cent of New Zealanders approve of medicinal cannabis. 
There is also substantial support to make cannabis a health issue, 
not a criminal issue. Everyone knows that the "War on Drugs" is not 
only ineffective, but causes great harm and costs over $200,000,000 
to police and incarcerate users.

Perhaps the new Labour/ Greens relationship will bring a smarter, 
more compassionate view of this useful drug for New Zealand.

A medicinal cannabis industry would create many jobs.

Victoria Davis

Golden Bay
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