Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jun 2016
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2016 Appeal-Democrat


Congratulations to the winners and compliments to the losers. It 
takes a lot to campaign and we appreciate it. Some post-election thoughts:

Marijuana cultivation and dispensary measures. We're not convinced 
either way, at this point, that marijuana cultivation and sales 
medicinal or not  should someday be legalized.

We can see why the fairly heavy-handed ordinance passed a year or so 
ago by Yuba County supervisors agitated those who are interested in 
growing and dispensing. But we're not surprised that the measures to 
liberalize the cultivation rules and allow for dispensaries to 
operate in the county failed to pass with voters.

We think it might boil down to this: The proposals, as written and, 
just as importantly, as promoted, were basically crafted to fulfill 
the wishes of growers. There aren't very many growers in the county. 
There are thousands and thousands of voters who don't grow - they're 
more interested in how such measures will affect their lifestyles 
rather than how they will accommodate growers.

We'll see what transpires this fall (it is widely predicted that 
recreational/commercial marijuana could be on the ballot and likely 
to pass). No matter what, we're sure the issue won't be going away for long.

Supervisor and water agency board candidacies. Long-time supervisors 
John Nicoletti and Mary Jane Griego were unseated by challengers (to 
be replaced, respectively, by Mike Leahy and Doug Lofton) and 
incumbent Roger Abe was forced into a run-off by challenger Gary 
Bradford. Incumbent water agency director Tib Belza will be replaced 
by challenger Charlie Mathews.

On the Sutter County side, incumbents Ron Sullenger was forced into a 
runoff with Grace Espindola and Barbara LeVake will face challenger Mat Conant.

The upsets surprised a lot of people.

Experience on boards isn't bad; but neither is change. We have a lot 
of respect for the incumbents, and look forward to working with the newcomers.

At that, we heard some amount of chatter about integrity or the lack 
thereof, and about some candidates caring more for people than 
others. And we noticed some innuendo now and then on Web comments 
about what candidate was taking campaign donations from what donor.

For the record, we don't think there were any candidates with 
dishonorable intentions. And guess what: campaign donations are 
legal, common and don't indicate a lack of integrity. We also think 
it's absolutely possible for several different candidates to have 
different priorities and ideas on how to move the community 
forward  and it's possible that none of them are bad.

Here's hoping the negative campaigning and tactics are flushed from 
the runoff campaigns.

And Measure C, for Marysville. We appreciate that Marysville citizens 
put a lot of faith on the line. What they did, in approving the sales 
tax measure, is make it possible for our great little city to provide 
the level of services that will make a real difference  improving the 
quality of life, rather than letting it slip away.

There was plenty of trash talk. But there were a lot of people doing 
some real thinking and analyzing. The additional revenue is needed.

Now it's up to the city leaders  elected and appointed  to use the 
additional revenue in the appropriate manners. The city has the means 
to be greatly improved  street repairs, more adequate policing, nice 
parks, important infrastructure. Whether the tax is a success or not 
is now totally in the hands of the mayor, city council and administration.
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