Pubdate: Mon, 06 Jun 2016
Source: USA Today (US)
Copyright: 2016 Stephen A. Bonick
Author: Stephen A. Bonick


In USA TODAY's article "Prince died of 'fentanyl toxicity,' an
overdose of a painkiller," Maria Puente does an excellent job of
explaining the conundrum that underlies the tragedies of fame, drugs
and death.Unfortunately, the treatment platform in America continues
to be one of complete abstinence.

In other countries, harm reduction models have proved to be an
alternative for people who are fearful of the shame and guilt
associated with labels and rigidity. The same shame and guilt make
many people in America reluctant to seek help. Addiction should be
treated like any other illness. Hopefully, the American Medical
Association will consider alternatives to the current treatment
platform in the nation that is obviously not working.

Stephen A. Bonick; Monterey, Calif. 
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