Pubdate: Tue, 07 Jun 2016
Source: West Australian (Australia)
Copyright: 2016 West Australian Newspapers Limited
Author: Sol Bell


Drug prohibition costs the nation billions of dollars a year in crime 
prevention, not including the untold cost of overdose, family trauma 
and overcrowded prisons.

To legalise all drugs, let government laboratories manufacture under 
strict quality control and distribute through pharmacies. This will 
reduce accidental overdose deaths due to impure quality.

Provide drugs at the price of tobacco and crime will fall. It will 
clear courts and empty jails, saving millions of dollars and reducing 
the costs of social security, which provides the families with 
support while the breadwinner is in prison. Also, the tax will 
provide money for a negative advertising campaign that has been so 
effective in reducing tobacco use.

The war on drugs has been lost. Let's try a new approach.

Sol Bell, Ellenbrook
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