Pubdate: Mon, 06 Jun 2016
Source: Manila Bulletin (The Philippines)
Author: Floro Mercene


PRESIDENT-elect Rodrigo Duterte has yet to assume office at the end 
of June and already, his pronouncements are bearing fruit.

He said he has some excess campaign contributions to fund the 
elimination of at least 100 bodies.

His marching orders to capture drug lords "dead or alive" have driven 
the rats to abandon ship.

Suddenly, the denizens of Sleepy Hollow have awakened from their deep stupor.

Our law enforcement agencies have finally found their spines and are 
now engaged in enthusiastic seizures of drug-dealers, manufacturers, 
and distributors. Some of these untouchables are now being hauled to 
police precincts after they were found with damning evidence.

Vagrants are being arrested. Over-staying teenagers are collared and 
given a lesson on how to be dutiful children.

Drunken behavior seems to have gone down. Duterte said DUI  driving 
under the influence of liquor  is a criminal offense and a sure-fire 
way to kill innocent bystanders.

Drugs are being thrown on the streets. The owners have felt that 
their homes could suddenly be the subject of surprise visit from the 
police, thus, prices of drugs have plummeted.

But the drug dealers are being given six months to shape-up or ship-out.

That makes me wonder? Why this leniency being given freely to these 
dregs of society to escape and not answer for their crimes?

The law says, regardless of who sits in Malacanang, a drug offender 
is subject to arrest, conviction, and prosecution.

That order to shoot-and-kill drug offenders would surely raise the 
hackles of Human Rights advocates. That also goes true for his 
statement that members of media who were killed were corrupt.

This might give the wrong impression to some lawmen, or warlords, and 
might suddenly take the law into their hands.

Anyway, it's too early to say whether Mr. Duterte would be able to 
carry out cleansing the Augean stable, which our country sorely needs.

Or he might stop in mid-stream because he is a flash in the pan.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Whenever Mr. Duterte goes 
off-tangent and deviates from very serious topics to wolf-whistle, he 
gives me the creeps.
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