Pubdate: Wed, 01 Jun 2016
Source: Tribune, The (CN ON)
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Author: Maryanne Firth
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Third time's a charm. After twice being sent back to staff, a motion
regarding pot regulation and control has received approval from
Niagara Region's public health and social services committee.

The motion, to be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, provides
recommendations from Niagara Region should the Canadian government
move forward with the legalization of marijuana.

Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn, who previously took issue with the
document's wording, felt the latest version properly captured the
Region's stance on the issue.

While the motion does not endorse legalization, it does recommend that
should legalization occur, strict regulations be put in place to
reduce health and societal harms associated with marijuana use, he

Those include limiting access by limiting where cannabis can be
purchased and implementing controlled pricing; setting a minimum age
for purchase; investing federal dollars in education and prevention;
addressing and preventing marijuana-impaired driving; and prohibiting
marketing, advertising and sponsorship, especially to children.

The document also outlines Niagara's role as an early leader in
municipal bylaws to restrict harmful effects from second-hand smoke.
It asks that direct and indirect health effects of smoking of any kind
be taken into consideration as legislation and regulations are considered.

The lessons society has learned about smoking tobacco are reflected in
the motion to deter smoking of any kind, Augustyn said.

The motion will seek final approval from regional council June 9.
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