Pubdate: Sat, 28 May 2016
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Page: 12
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Author: Joe Warmington


They had bag loads of marijuana lollipops, cannabis-infused chocolate
- - and lots of confiscated weed - from pot shops.

But what they didn't have were weapons: Guns, knives, swords and brass

Those are reserved for the other kind of dope dealer - ones in alleys
who don't pay rent.

"(Toronto Mayor) John Tory knows perfectly well that shutting these
dispensaries down will force countless medical marijuana users, many
of them veterans, back into the arms of dealers," said Russell Barth,
known as the Angriest Pothead in Canada. "I am so glad, as, must be,
the taxpayers, to know that all the other crimes in the Greater
Toronto Area have been solved. The mayor and chief of police should
resign immediately."

I don't think they should resign. But it's not lost on me that just
last week, Chief Mark Saunders was shooting down the spiking homicide
rate, calling Toronto the safest city in North America. Yet, on
Friday, the chief was saying he had to close down store-front pot
shops with no weapons in the interest of public safety.

Earlier this month, Tory, also a member of the police services board,
wrote in a letter to city bylaw officials: "I would ask that you
employ, in conjunction with the Toronto Police Service, whatever
enforcement mechanisms are currently available to you to address the
health and safety concerns of neighbours and businesses in the
communities where these marijuana dispensaries are currently operating

I guess they got the message.

It says right in Section 31 (4) of the Police Act that "the board will
not direct the chief of police with respect to specific operational
decisions or with respect to the day-to-day operation of the police
force" so it just must have been a coincidence 60 officers closed down
store fronts with no guns while the gangs run wild killing pregnant
mothers or randomly shooting people out for bike rides.

Tory told me his wording was not intended to direct action but to
garner a report. I have already had lawyers hint he will be called to
testify when their clients go to trial.

Of course, the guy with the biggest problem is Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau who is going to have to explain to the marijuana community
that helped him win a majority government how they don't seem to be a
partner in the new legalization plans. Instead, they're on the
sidelines and in handcuffs while government and big business are
setting up a system to legally corner the market.

Toronto Police acted professionally. Hopefully, Tory's next letter
encourages whatever law enforcement mechanisms are available to shut
down the actual organized drug-dealing gangs whose members have weapons.


Great to see former prime minister Stephen Harper speak at the
Conservative convention. The greatest prime minister ever. Such class.
Such integrity.

But that party has a lot of issues internally following its defeat to
Trudeau's Liberals. Some feel moving the party more to the political
centre is a mistake.

In fact, a release from the 148,000-member Institute for Canadian
Values (ICV) was asking "delegates to reject Ontario PC Leader Patrick
Brown's promises to liberalize the federal Conservative Party."

President Charles McVety said: "Canadians are sick and tired of
politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite. After receiving
support of conservative voters, so many leaders betray their
supporters and adopt liberal policies."

Issues of same-sex marriage, assisted dying and climate change are the
kinds of things the ICV wants to see our leaders deal with in a more
socially-conservative manner while Brown is one who wants to
"modernize." He has not yet commented.

McVety said "the folly of becoming a liberal light party is it leads
to complete and utter failure at the ballot box."

He added: "Brian Mulroney ushered in open abortion and massive
taxation called GST," leading his Progressive Conservative government
to "plummet from 211 seats to two."

He added that "Ernie Eves, John Tory and Tim Hudak liberalizing the
Ontario PC party lost four elections in a row."

Jim Prentice "tried liberal light on Alberta and for the first time in
history, the Conservatives lost."

Trouble in Conservative paradise? Maybe Harper should come back to
unite people!


Buffalo Police did an incredible job in putting a suspect in the
gutless Anchor Bar shooting behind bars.

Kudos to Toronto Police Const. Rondi Craig and OPP Sgt. Kathy
McCormack for helping with that.

Buffalo Police arrested Jorge L. Suarez on a parole violation as they
investigated the shooting murder of Freddie Dizon. The last people the
dying Dizon talked with were the two Ontario coppers, who retrieved a
name from him before he bled out.

That police have a great lead is a testament to the bravery of a dying
man and the professionalism of two great Canadian cops.

Wild week.

We don't always agree on everything. But we do agree there are too few
warm weekends.


Scrawler out.  
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