Pubdate: Fri, 20 May 2016
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
Copyright: 2016 Walter Potts
Author: Walter Potts


Oh Canada Our home and bountiful land Where generous people dwell
Always willing to offer a helping hand

Where citizens have always been very keen At enduring decades of
restrictions To eliminate the scourge of nicotine

Oh Canada Where we now have a liberal prime minister Who admits to
smoking illegal weed And thinks that all we Canadians Have a pent up
cannabis need

He wants to make recreational weed available to everyone But most
sensible Canadians do not agree Although corporate Canada is very
interested Motivated totally by profits they see

To hell with sensible non-smoking Canadians This government wants us
to smoke pot They want to sacrifice the health of our nation To pay up
debt with money they haven't got

It is sensible Canadians' greatest hope That our new Canadian
government Will not be able to entice its good citizens Into becoming
addicted to dope

God help us keep our great nation Prosperous, healthy and free Help
our many clear-thinking citizens To find common ground on which they
can agree

Oh Canada Our home and beautiful land Where generous sensible people
dwell We'll do everything we possibly can To keep our citizens away
from cannabis hell

Oh Canada, we stand for common sense Oh Canada, we stand on guard for

* I was inspired to write this poem because i was concerned

- - repeating our experience with nicotine cigarettes

- - the millions of dollars spent on health care regarding cigarette

- - the notion that most Canadians need to use dope because their lot is
so bad in the greatest country in the world

- - the government's objective to regulate weed, thus making it
available to more people

- - the government's need for more income to balance its upcoming,
overwhelming debt

a recent TV program reported that when Colorado opened access for
recreational weed the number of incidents involving the police and
marijuana users increased 40 per cent.

Walter Potts Cornwall 
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