Pubdate: Mon, 09 May 2016
Source: Cape Times (South Africa)
Copyright: 2016 Cape Times


THOUSANDS joined the call to legalise and regulate marijuana in a 
march through the city centre at the weekend.

At the annual Cannabis March on Saturday, people walked from the 
corner of Tennant and Keizersgracht streets, through the heart of 
Cape Town up Long Street and down the Company's Garden.

Johannes Berkhout of Bongalong, the company which organised the 
march, said there was growing interest in the legalisation of 
cannabis, citing its benefits.

"People that were present at the event range from doctors to 
technicians. These are not people who get high when they go to work, 
but they support the legalisation and regulation of it," said Berkhout.

Berkhout added that with public events like the march, the stigma 
around cannabis use was lessened. "We want government to give us 
feedback on this. They say people don't want dagga legalised, but the 
march showed the opposite."
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MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom