Pubdate: Mon, 09 May 2016
Source: West Australian (Australia)
Copyright: 2016 West Australian Newspapers Limited
Author: Dale Hartley


Prohibition and enforcement have shown to be ineffective in reducing 
drug use and they often had the opposite effect (We can't win war on 
ice, says Premier, News 5/5). Prohibiting a drug drives it into the 
criminal world. Vulnerable young people are more likely to become 
addicts, and addicts become less willing or able to seek treatment.

Profits from untaxed and uncontrolled illicit substances are 
profitable for criminals, and governments lose ability to minimise 
the impact or dent supply. We need to look seriously at demand.

The Quit campaign has shown that repeatedly exposing the reality of 
what cigarettes can do to someone, has in three decades achieved what 
five decades of law enforcement has failed to do - all but eliminate 
use of a drug by getting addicts to quit and preventing others from 
becoming addicts.

Smoking is almost eradicated in Australia. There is no reason other 
drugs need to be on the rise if we do what the evidence keeps telling 
us is working, and stop wasting resources on what the evidence keeps 
telling us isn't working.

Dale Hartley, Joondanna
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