Pubdate: Thu, 05 May 2016
Source: Pueblo Chieftain (CO)
Copyright: 2016 The Pueblo Chieftain
Author: Del Milne


I read with some dismay that the Legislature and a list of honorable 
patrons are going to spend $900,000 of taxpayer dollars for cannabis 
research at Colorado State University-Pueblo. And The Pueblo 
Chieftain is so pleased.

How about that money going to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office to 
offset the costs of all the pot busts that are going on in Pueblo 
West and the county. Why doesn't the Chieftain go to CSU-Pueblo on a 
Saturday night and do its own study (free)?

How about the Chieftain look into all the busts that are happening - 
weren't we told during the push to legalize pot that it would end the 
illegal business of pot?

As a taxpayer I am not pleased to see tax dollars spent this way. Not 
too many years ago cocaine was sold over the counter in drugstores - 
I guess we had better go back to that and really make some money. But 
in the end, nowadays greed wins.

Del Milne

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