Pubdate: Tue, 03 May 2016
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2016 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Rick Reiss


As the primary election approaches, voters will be challenged to make 
important decisions regarding the commercial marketing of marijuana 
in all of its forms. Marijuana dispensaries promote medical marijuana 
products that come in various forms such as candy, cookies, brownies, 
etc. All would be dangerous or possibly fatal in the hands of Yuba 
County children and citizens.

These products will be readily accessible to anyone with a medical 
marijuana card; medical marijuana cards are not difficult to procure 
because it's all about money. Yuba County will see a spike in drug 
addiction, crime, and as you have seen in the local news, violence and death.

There are mechanisms currently in place to provide medical marijuana 
users with the medicinal products that they need. We don't need to 
mass market marijuana throughout Yuba County.

Another challenge voters will be asked to approve is a new ordinance 
that would replace the current ordinance that limits the number of 
marijuana plants a patient can grow in a controlled environment. The 
new measure will increase the number of plants to as many as 60 per 
grower. This is commercial pot, this measure would invite drug 
cartels, gangs and whatever accompanies drug traffickers. Again, it 
is all about money. Both of these measures are being driven by 
outside special interest groups and they are pouring lots of money 
into marketing, legal fees, and misinformation.

The proponents will be erecting signs throughout the county that will 
contain misleading information. Don't be fooled and stay informed as 
the true intent. If these measures pass, Yuba County will attract 
more drug traffickers, lawless individuals and an undesirable element 
that is dependent on the welfare state.

Rick Reiss

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