Pubdate: Fri, 29 Apr 2016
Source: Chilliwack Progress (CN BC)
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Author: Jennifer Feinberg
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WeeMedical Dispensary Society is taking another run at getting a
business licence from the City of Chilliwack.

A reconsideration hearing is set for 3 p.m. on May 3 in council

Business owner May Joan Liu applied for an appeal of the decision
after the business licence application was turned down by city
officials on April 6, 2016. That was the day after they were forced to
close up shop the first time.

Liu has an opportunity to make an oral submission as a delegation to
city council in chambers next Tuesday afternoon.

It doesn't look promising.

For WeeMedical Dispensary to be issued a business licence to operate
in Chilliwack it would have to comply with all building, health,
sanitation and business licensing requirements, according to the
letter sent to Liu by the city's department of Planning and Strategic

The unlicensed marijuana dispensary has been raided and shut down by
RCMP twice so far in Chilliwack, despite local support.

WeeMedical officials tried to defy the 'no occupancy' order and reopen
briefly in what they called an act of civil disobedience, but were
shut down again.

They posted a notice that said: "It is sad that Chilliwack city
officials seem to criminalize all of those who are associated with
WeeMedical in a situation where there are no victims and only

In Vancouver, officials are moving to shut down all of the city's
illegal dispensaries by May.

"As the retail sale of cannabis is not lawful, and WeeMedical
Dispensary Society does not have, and cannot obtain, the requisite
approval from the federal government for the business, issuance of a
business licence is precluded," according to the letter.

On the WeeMedical Chilliwack's Facebook page, a rep posted the
information about the reconsideration hearing, inviting the public to

"Let your voice be heard if you want WeeMedical to stay in
Chilliwack," it said. "Thank you for all your support...past, present
and hopefully future."

But that doesn't mean that members of public will be allowed to chime
in publicly at the afternoon meeting, since the only formal
opportunity for public comments on council matters is at the end of
the evening council meeting session.

The staff report and package will be online on Friday with the council
agenda for the May 3 meeting.
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