Pubdate: Sun, 01 May 2016
Source: Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT)
Copyright: 2016 Deseret News Publishing Corp.
Author: Ryan D. Curtis


I really take issue with Richard Davis' assertion ("Medical marijuana 
issue will damage Democratic governor campaign," April 27) that 
gubernatorial hopeful Mike Weinholtz's campaign was damaged by the 
revelation that his wife, Donna, is under investigation for using 
marijuana to combat severe arthritis and nerve pain. If anything, his 
refreshing authenticity and truthfulness will endear him to voters.

Meanwhile, local support for medical marijuana continues to increase. 
A newly-released poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for Utah 
Policy shows that 66 percent of Utahns are in favor of legalization. 
Only 28 percent stand in opposition.

It is important to follow the rule of law. However, following and 
blindly adhering are two very different animals. Sometimes, there are 
extreme situations where breaking the law is the only logical course 
of action. Rosa Parks comes to mind. Imagine where we would be as a 
society today if Ms. Parks hadn't had the moral courage to stand up 
against an unjust law. We should be applauding people like Ms. 
Weinholtz who stand up for freedom and individual rights, not deriding them.

Ryan D. Curtis

Salt Lake City
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