Pubdate: Thu, 21 Apr 2016
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
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Author: Brodie Thomas


Feds Say Legalization Could Start In Spring 2017

As protests go, it was pretty laid back. About 50 people were gathered
outside Calgary City Hall Wednesday for the annual 420 rally in
support of legalizing marijuana.

Participants said with word today of the federal government's plan to
begin legalization in the spring of 2017, the rally was more of a
celebration than a protest.

"We want to let the city know that the plant that we fought to
legalize is on its way and that it's medicine and that it's pretty
much more harmless than anything you could think of," said participant
Travis Donald.

He said he uses cannabis to control the pain from herniated discs in
his spine, and kidney damage that was caused by the opiates he
initially used to manage his back pain.

Donald said legalization was a key concern for him in the federal

"I'm glad to see for once, a politician is doing what they said they'd
do," he laughed.

Police were waiting on the fringes of the crowd. They had warned
protesters they would arrest people if they saw them doing anything
illegal, but before long people were sparking up and passing around
joints without any hassle.

Not every protester was passing and puffing. Roxie, 51, supports
people who use marijuana even though she chooses not to.

"I know so many people who use it medicinally and need it, people who
use to relieve stress. It's a lot safer than alcohol ... it should be
everyone's choice."  
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