Pubdate: Thu, 21 Apr 2016
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
Page: 6
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The annual pot-themed gathering at the legislature had a festive vibe
Wednesday, after signals on the same day from the federal government
that pot could be legal as soon as next spring.

Keith Fagin, head of 420 Alberta, described the government's
announcement timing as "tongue in cheek," as it coincided with 420,
the annual day of celebration for lovers of cannabis culture.

"We're quite excited about it, we've been cautiously optimistic,"
Fagin said, noting that several normally politically-neutral
marijuana advocacy groups threw their weight behind the Liberal
campaign last year, after Trudeau made legalization a campaign promise.

He said there is much to be decided, pointing out that medical
marijuana needs to be tightly regulated to make sure patients are
getting a consistent product, but recreational use doesn't have to be
as controlled.

"We shouldn't hyper-regulate and hyper-tax because then you're still
going to have the black market."

Still, he said, it'll be important to make sure that whoever ends up
selling pot - he favours dispensaries over other options like liquor
stores - know what they're doing.

"If you've got specialty stores, they have to have people who are
[aged] 18 plus, and they know stuff about their products," he said.

"We need it to be properly tested, clean tested and we need
knowledgeable people selling it."  
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