Pubdate: Fri, 22 Apr 2016
Source: Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)
Copyright: 2016 Morning Journal


One way or another, it appears Ohioans who need it will have 
marijuana in their medicine cabinet. The only questions may be how 
soon and by whose rules.

A bill introduced this week in the Legislature would allow doctors to 
prescribe marijuana edibles, patches, plant material and oils, but 
doesn't allow for the smokable form.

It also prohibits patients from growing their own...

If approved, many of the rules governing distribution, including who 
can grow it, would be left to a new state commission. Rules would be 
created within one year to regulate pot farms, dispensaries, 
laboratories, processors, and physicians.

The first pot prescriptions could be available by 2018...

Lawmakers should be commended for at least tackling the issue. Polls 
have shown strong support for medical marijuana in Ohio, and pro-pot 
groups have vowed to keep pushing the issue.

But it's rare for any bill to proceed on such a pace, let alone one 
with as many moving parts as medical marijuana...

Having a law regarding medical marijuana which can be easily 
revisited if problems arise would be a better way to proceed than by 
amending the Constitution.

Still, the onus is clearly on lawmakers to deliver an acceptable 
bill. If they can't, it's likely voters will take on the task in November.

Read the full editorial from the Findlay Courier at bit. ly/1WzvA5H.
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